Healthy Recipes

When I was a freshman in college my father had a heart attack. This was in the late 1970’s and bi-pass surgery was a new procedure. The only place in our area that you could have the procedure performed was at the University hospital. This is a teaching hospital and so there are many innovative procedures that are preformed there. The hospital receives patients from

all over the United States so there was a four month waiting list prior to dad’s surgery. He was sent home with medication and a restricted diet. Suddenly my mother was looking for healthy recipes to cook. This was a great change for her because she used a great deal of butter and salt in her cooking, and they ate out in restaurants a great deal. Neither one of my parents had ever given a thought about healthy recipes and fat or salt content in their foods.

The heart attack really frightened my mother. She was determined that dad would regain his strength and be healthier. She became a fanatic at making sure everything she served him was made from healthy recipes. At that time there was not the number of fat alternatives that there are today. The alternatives that were on the market were poor tasting and poor quality.

My older sister tried to tell my mother that she did not need to try elaborate healthy recipes, but instead broil chicken and fish and serve fresh vegetables. The most difficult thing for dad was giving up chocolate as well as the rich desserts that mom made. She made pound cakes that melted in your mouth. She would make several at a time and freeze them. When ever she needed a dessert she would thaw one of the cakes and serve large pieces with fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce. We teased my dad that it was probably a piece of mom’s pound cake that clogged his artery.

During the four months of waiting for the surgery my parents gradually became accustom to their new life style. Mom did find some healthy recipes [http://www.BODY-MIND-WHOLENESS.COM] that tasted quite good. She learned to cook simpler meals and they both learned to make wiser choices when eating out in restaurants. Dad had his surgery and needed to stay in the hospital for a month due to complications. After his hospital stay he had several weeks in a rehab hospital closer to

home. Once he returned home he was able to resume most activities that he did prior to his heart attack. As the years went by

mom found that it was easier to create tasty healthy recipes with the improvement of reduced fat products.

Healthy Recipes For Kids

Healthy eating is important for proper growth in kids. Parents want to give their children a variety of nutrient-enriched food and drinks to help them to grow stronger and healthier. Usually, life patterns are set in childhood and early puberty. Following a healthy diet routine and using healthy recipes will give them the benefit of enjoying a strong body for the rest of their adult lives.

Healthy recipes for kids can be prepared by knowing facts about the food we eat. There is high-protein, high-fiber food that works for kids, and nutrient-empty, processed junk food that works against them. Studies show that on average, kids receive around thirty-eight percent of their daily calories from fats. The bad fat is responsible for creating free radicals in the body, which harm our good cells--including the brain cells. This fat negatively contributes towards obesity, heart disease, allergies, and other harmful conditions.

Sensible diets make sure that your kids are well, prevent the risk of developing dangerous diseases, and keep the foundation for solid mental as well as physical health. Junk food and unhealthy food can leave your child open to food hazards and infection, especially during rapid growth periods.

Statistics show that the obesity rate in kids is four times higher than it was in 1960s.This leaves children more susceptible to problems like diabetes, growth disorders, and sometimes even cancer.

Good food doesn't mean bland taste. Kids can easily be lured to eat healthy food by presenting it in a colorful and decorative manner. The carrot will look enticing if it is shaped like a cartoon figure, spinach can taste yummy if combined with a dash of cheese, and cereals will be wiped clean from the dish if presented in attractive serving plates. The trick is to educate them about the food, list the benefits, and make kids feel that they are eating something special and different each day.

Lose Weight - Indulge in Healthy Recipes

You do not have to necessarily starve yourself for you to lose weight. Studies revealed that the most delectable and foreign foods lack in proteins and fiber but contain high in carbohydrates.

Intake of these foods in the long run may result to some serious health problems such as increase in cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. These diseases may also trigger other conditions such as heart disease.

What comes to mind when people mention the word "diet"? You restrict yourself on food high in calories.

It does not mean you have to deny your body of your favorite food but it's about choosing a healthier recipe for you to continue eating the same food. Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one will bring you more benefits. Try indulging in healthy recipes in your diet. These can help you shed weight and help you develop a healthy eating habit as well.

This is the role of healthy recipes. Healthy recipes aims to give you a palatable meal of your favorite dish by modifying some ingredients to give you a meal low in calories and carbohydrates. That way you do not have to worry getting obese or getting ill.

The tip in making a healthy recipe of your favorite dish lies in using an alternative low carb ingredient which tastes alike those foods high in carb. With this you can continue to eat until you are full without any worries on the amount of calories you consume because these were made from healthy ingredients. Your favorite dishes that includes green vegetables, meats, poultry and eggs, cheese, fish and such can be consumed in your preferred serving as long as they were cooked using the healthy recipes.

With healthy recipes dieters will benefit both physical and mental fitness. Gradual changes in your diet will eventually yield bigger weight loss results in the long run. The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to use the incorporate these healthy recipes and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle early. This way you will be lessening the probability that you will be ill and you will also be gaining a healthy weight loss program.