Losing Weight With Online Healthy Recipes

Losing weight is often associated with bland, flavorless food. However this does not to be the case. With the surge in weight loss remedies and techniques people are turning to healthier, safer and fun ways to shed the extra pounds.

Looking for Tasty Online Healthy Recipes

A number of online recipes abound online. There are a lot of websites that offer free low calorie recipes that are designed to contain less calories but are as tasty as regular dishes. You just have to know where to look.


Breakfast is perhaps one of the easiest meals to prepare even if you are planning on losing a couple of pounds. Replace the usual bagels or donuts with fresh fruit. Fruit crepes, French toast, omelets with vegetables are good substitutes for your usual breakfast fare which are lower in calories and sugar. Look up weight loss breakfasts online and you will see hundreds of recipes for delicious breakfast meals with only half the calories as your regular breakfast.

Hearty Meals

Weight Watchers is an excellent organization that helps those who want to lose weight do this by making sure that they eat healthy foods that are not calorie-laden. Weight Watchers offers a ton of free recipes for meals on its website. Enjoy Angel hair pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce, lasagna or side dishes of almond fried rice or bacon cheese swirled potatoes without having to feel guilty. You can also find web sites that offer these recipes with corresponding Weight Watchers points so you will know how much to eat and when to stop. All the recipes made for weight watchers have corresponding number of calories per serving.


There are recipes for salads that you can easily make at home. Contrary to popular belief salad dressings can be exceptionally fattening. Look for recipes for salads that contain beets, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes and carrots. Add vinegar instead of the usual mayo, along with a bit of virgin olive oil and your salad is ready.


Who says that losing weight means that you must forgo your pastries and ice cream? There are a lot of recipes that you can follow to make mouthwatering pastry and low-calorie ice cream to satisfy those cravings. It may be no Hagen Daz, but you can get your ice cream fix without having to worry about gaining more extra pounds.

Healthy Drinks

Soda is full of sugar and the so-called health shakes they sell in gyms will give your body more calories than it needs. Instead of opting for fruit juice or shake after a work-out, go for vegetable juice. There are various online healthy recipes for veggie juices in the internet. These are as every bit as nutritious as fruit juice with lesser calories and they are rich in fiber which helps give you regular bowel movement. If you really want your serving of fruit in liquid form, make your own fruit smoothies but avoid adding sugar, whipped cream, honey or other sweeteners. Avoid drinking smoothies from restaurants because they most likely contain loads of sugar and cream. You can also have your fruit juices as long as they do not contain added sugar.