Healthy Style With Healthy Recipes

If you are like a lot of us, you know that you should be eating healthier. However, making a positive change in your eating habits doesn't mean that you can't make your favorite recipes anymore. With the renewed interest in healthy cooking and eating, there are plenty of new and interesting ways to adapt your time-tested recipes to make them better for you- and you can do it without sacrificing a bit of flavor. It doesn't matter why you are changing your eating habits- for your health or your appearance- making changes doesn't mean giving up all your favorite foods. Try some of these healthy recipe substitutions, and see what you think!

-Reduce the amount of sugar you use. If you use a lot of baking recipes, try baking with half or two-thirds the normal amount of sugar. Most times, the results will be just as tasty, but with far fewer calories. There are even some no-calorie sweeteners on the market that can be used measure-for-measure just like sugar.

-Another one for bakers- In your cookie and cake recipes, try this. Replace about half the amount of white flour with whole wheat flour. You can experiment with other blends, like buckwheat or rye, to see how they work with the flavor of the recipe. Start by replacing about one-quarter of the amount of flour, and work your way up gradually.

-In some of the sweetest and richest recipes, like chocolate cakes and brownies, you can keep much of the moistness and flavor by replacing them with almond flour. Start by replacing one-quarter of the amount of flour in your recipe for a greatly reduced calorie count.

-Even the most healthy recipes aren't so good for you if you don't practice portion control. If you eat cake a lot, just eat a smaller piece. If you like chocolate chip cookies, eat one instead of two. Eat more slowly to savor the flavor!

-Try making more fruit and vegetable recipes. Whatever you enjoy, adapt the recipe to make it more healthy. If you like burgers or pizza, add more veggies. Add a salad to every meal, and have fruit for dessert instead. There's nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but moderation is key.

-Don't be afraid to experiment with new recipes. You may have your favorites, but looking for new recipes in cookbooks and online can give you some fresh ideas, and tell you how to adapt your favorites to make them healthier. Don't look at it as a big sacrifice- look at it as a way to get healthier and learn some new ways to cook.

Why not indulge yourself by buying a new cookbook or cooking magazine, perhaps from one of your favorite celebrity chefs? Of course, there's always plenty of cook books available in your local library, to give you plenty of inspiration. Cooking should be fun, so remember to enjoy cooking and experimenting!